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The starting Point

Escapada Rural is an online platform that promotes rural accommodations in Spain. At present, it has 45 employees. Because of its work nature, the direction and communication teams travel mainly around Spain for business, a total of 7 people. When Montse Gil, People Development Director, joined the company, she identified 2 processes that presented inefficiencies.

On one hand, receipts at the tables of the employees, some outstanding expense notes and some lost receipts which provoked accounting breakage. On the other hand, she notices inefficiencies in the accounting and paper-receipts management, some work was scanned manually and in the revision of expense notes.
Furthermore, business travellers spent more than 2 hours per month manually doing the expense notes.

In front of this situation, the company decides to find a solution to digitize and automate the corporate expense management and the recovery of VAT that comes with it.

Business travellers spent 2 hours per month managing their corporate expenses.
They opted for DevoluIVA as it offered automatic VAT recovery.

The solution

Escapada Rural chooses DevoluIVA Clic to digitize the management of the corporate expenses. Even though VAT recovery was not one of their main requirements, they opted for DevoluIVA as it offered this functionality: “We saw that we could compensate the license of the expense manager with the VAT we could recover”, explained Gil.

In order to start, users only need to download DevoluIVA’s app and start managing their expenses: “The app is really simple and we could customize the information field with what we needed”, remembered Gil.

The outcome

Thanks to DevoluIVA, Escapada Rural’s business travellers have completely automated the corporate expense management process and, thereby, they have saved the time they used to spend on it. Furthermore, the administrative team has eliminated the manual workload, because receipts are now digitized and expense notes and approval workflows automated, thus eliminating paper documents.

80% saved-time managing corporate expenses.

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