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The starting point

In 2019, and after an analysis of the corporate expenses management, Grupo Hefame decides to introduce advanced technology to gain efficiency in a process that was done manually.

Up until now, corporate travellers had to fill a PDF and staple each corporate expense receipt. At the Administration Department, the approbation process, the scan and reconciliation is done manually, without any technological help.

This process also implies difficulties of documental control, an important time spent and even loss and deterioration of receipts. Furthermore, it requires extra resources such as expense notes storage space and excessive consumption of paper.

Immersed in a digitalization plan that affects all departments of the company, Grupo Hefame wants a technology partner to help automate the management of corporate expenses.

Grupo Hefame decides to introduce advanced technology to gain efficiency in a process that used to be done manually.
Grupo Hefame receives invoices for all the expenses done in businesses of DevoluIVA’s network to subsequently recover the VAT.

The solution

After an analysis of different options, Grupo Hefame decides to digitize the management process and VAT recovery of the corporate expenses via DevoluIVA Direct, the only operator that contains both services in its app.

To start the project, DevoluIVA analyzes the specific requirements of the client to customize the expense management application and develops the integration with its ERP. After the project implementation, DevoluIVA offers training to the employees that manage corporate expenses of Grupo Hefame.

To use the service, employees only need to take a picture of the corporate expense receipt and automatically create an expense note at the end of the month.From the administrative side, approbation, accounting, reconciliation and documents storage is completely automated. Furthermore, each month Grupo Hefame receives completed invoices of all corporate expenses consumed in businesses of DevoluIVA’s network in the last months to subsequently recover the VAT.

After DevoluIVA Direct implementation, we have digitized the creation and validation of expense notes, its revision, accounting, the extraction of the kilometres report, document storage and data… Even our own automatic integration with the ERP to save money and be more efficient”, explains Óscar Guzmán, Management Controller Director and Head of the implementation project at Grupo Hefame. 

The outcome

Grupo Hefame started using DevoluIVA in February 2020 and, even though there were the coronavirus crisis and the lockdown, the company has digitized more than 1,000 expense receipts per month via DevoluIVA.

Thanks to the automation of processes, Grupo Hefame is more efficient:the responsible person of the administration process saves 3 days per month in managing corporate expenses, which raises its scope and reduces dedication.
Along these lines, each traveller saves an average of 10 minutes of its workday per each corporate expense. Grupo Hefame has eliminated paper and physical storage space, gaining complete documental control.

Grupo Hefame ops for sustainability, efficiency and digitization of processes”, highlights Guzmán. Thereby, after this first digitization process, DevoluIVA has become one of the technology partners of Grupo Hefame and both companies are working together to automate new processes, such as the management of money advances and banking reconciliation.

Grupo Hefame ops for sustainability, efficiency and digitalization of processes

Management Controller
Director and head of project
implementation at Grupo Hefame

+1000 receipts
digitized per month

Reduction of
paper usage

department savings:
3 days/month per
each employee

Elimination of
storage space

traveller savings:
10 minutes/
corporate expense

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