Infrastructure Engineer

Building happy workplaces is our final purpose at Voxel, and we are glad of having been awarded as a great place to work for two consecutive years 🎉

We have a solid culture shared by all voxelians, with more than 23 different nationalities in an environment where we are encouraged to be ourselves by creating, innovating and failing for greater success as real #challegemaniacs. We love what we do, but most importantly; we love how we do it! We are #ChangeLovers because we believe there are many ways to reach perfection and we want to explore them all! Undoubtedly, the means are creating shared knowledge spaces, where we grow together as #FuntasticTeamPlayers. In addition, we love human relations and we believe our happiness can be extended beyond voxel to our partners and clients. This is all about being #PeopleFreaks; excellent good people having fun while doing what they are brilliant at 😄

On top of this, you can choose working from home or coming to the office. Wait! You love the sea? Great, because we are located 800m away from the beach…our magic recipe! 😉

And, by the way…we offer solutions in eBilling, ePayments and supply chain via baVel platform, and we open new opportunities for corporates in VAT reclaim through DevoluIVA.


How we do that?

You will be part of the Product Development area, in the Infrastructure team. You will help us transform the Infrastructure department from a traditional department to a model where we will offer our platform as a product. One of our goals as a team is to find ways to positively impact the day-to-day lives of developers.

Your focus will be on creating automations for application deployment, making developers autonomous. Therefore, it will be very important that you understand how development teams work and what needs they have. In Voxel we do this through the figure of the Infra Partner.

In addition, we would expect from you to promote that automation mindset within the company and to automate everything that can be automated. You will also be in charge of creating monitoring systems that allow us to understand the context of the systems based on the observability that we implement.


What will you do?

  • Work alongside with infrastructure and product teams migrating workloads from on-premise environments to the cloud. 
  • Deploy new projects and solutions including, resource governance, networking, security, scaling, load balancers, storage, backup, virtual machines, etc… all accompanied by system optimizations through infrastructure as code (IaC) and continuous integration and deployment tools (DevOps).
  • You will be in charge of creating tools and providing resources to increase the autonomy of developers.
  • You will be the example to follow in terms of best practices, so we will highly value your experience in a platform team (DevOps philosophy/work). 


In 1 month… You will get to know and be involved in the team dynamics (planning, retrospectives and so on), learning about Voxel’s business and processes. You’ll hopefully be asking lots of questions 😉

In 3 months… You will have a global view of the infrastructure. You will be collaborating on continuous product delivery and engineering tasks. You will have much more information about the processes and you will be encouraged to propose changes on everything you think can be improved.

In 6 months… You will be actively collaborating in improving the company’s product delivery, detecting points of improvement and performing proofs-of-concept to accelerate delivery. In addition, you will have started doing a lot of automation that will make our day-to-day life much easier. 


We are looking for a #FuntasticTeamPlayer, a collaborative, passionate and meticulous person with SysAdmin tasks, who largely covers the following experience:

  • Have worked on infrastructure / platform teams.
  • Experience administering Linux systems.
  • Experience in CI (Jenkis, TravisCI, CircleCI, Codeship, etc.), preferably Jenkins.
  • Experience in CD (AzureDevOps).
  • Experience maintaining databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, SQLServer etc.).
  • Experience building solutions on top of some of the cloud providers (Azure, AWS), preferably Azure.
  • Container ecosystem (Docker, Kubernetes, EKS, GKE, Docker Swarm, etc).
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, Cloud Formation).
  • Knowledge of configuration tools (Saltstack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet), preferably Saltstack.
  • Knowledge of some high-level programming language and knowledge of good programming practices.
  • Monitoring and observability (Nagios, Icinga, Grafana, Prometheus).


More reasons to join our team?

  • Indefinite contract
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Andjoy – Flexible gym
  • Yoga, stretching and core classes
  • Thai massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy…
  • Life coaching
  • Health insurance
  • Amazing environment even in remote conditions!


If everything above rings your bell, let’s meet with the people team for a coffee!

And in case you loved the job offer but it’s not the one for you, you might have a friend that would fit perfectly well. And why don’t you check for other vacancies? 😉

Diversity and inclusion is part of DNA, not only because we have presence in more than 60 countries but also because it is an obvious principle for us. At Voxel we are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national. 

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