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Sundio Group goes ‘Paperless’

Last year Sundio Group invested in redesigning its financial process, to a digital “paperless” process. As a result of this, Sundio group improved the automation for the approval of incoming invoices.

During this process we have carefully chosen baVel – Voxel Group, the largest electronic billing platform in the tourist industry, as our partner in electronic billing.

We are very satisfied with this platform and so are our partners who are already using it. We believe that this is the way to reach our goal to have 100% of our invoices in an XML format and 100% of our invoices approved automatically by summer 2013. Together with baVel the process is now more efficient, effective and ECO friendly than ever.

So, sign up with baVel today and start benefitting from the advantages of electronic billing immediately!

Which will not only allow us to expedite invoice processing, but will also help you cut down invoicing costs (e.g. avoiding postal charges, voucher verifications and payment delays) and, at the same time, will help sustaining and protecting the environment we travel in.



By joining baVel, your company will:

  • Be able to automatically submit invoices electronically to the Accounts Payable Systems of ALL your major customers
  • No longer have to deal with paper related issues that cause payment delays (loss of invoices, find vouchers, manual processing, etc.)
  • Drastically improve your working capital by getting paid on time!
  • Comply with Sundio and other Tour Operators electronic invoicing requirements
  • Comply with local and international electronic invoicing regulations

Why baVel?

  • Because more than 400 of the largest tour operators and travel agents worldwide and more than 15.000 hotels, car rentals, and other tourist service suppliers have already chosen baVel as their official eBilling platform.
  • Because baVel is the only platform that allows you to electronically send invoices to virtually all of your clients.
  • Because being part of the same network your major customers work with, you directly improve your business relationships and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Because your company will be certified as a member of the Nature Friendly Billing network, a quality stamp that recognizes your company’s Go Green efforts




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