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    Last weekend, October 5 and 6, Voxel attended the Software Crafters Barcelona, an annual event to attract and connect software development professionals who share the values and principles of the Crafters’ movement, as one of the Gold Sponsors

    During the event, Voxel raffled limited spots for a workshop and a meetup with the expert in code Michael Feathers, founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance and author

    of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code. The winners had the chance to participate in an internal workshop at Voxel’s headquarters where Michael Feathers shared his knowledge about recovery and replacement of legacy code. 

    The attendees could not only learn from one of the world’s mentors in code, but also they had the opportunity to attend a meetup with Heidi Helfand, Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies, a construction management software company, and author of the book “Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams”. 

    During the Software Crafters,  apart from participating in different talks and workshops, Pedro Santos, collaborator trainer at Voxel, facilitated a workshop called “The architecture game”, where attends could design an e-commerce solution using gamification. And, Vicenç García Altés, Technical Coach at Voxel, presented the talk “Why Serverless?”, where they discussed the Serverless technology and its application to business. 

    On the other hand, the meetup “Learn how to code and make architecture simpler with Michael Feathers” was held on Mediapro Barcelona where Feathers talked about unconditional code. During the talk, Feathers presented a conceptual framework for dealing with errors, conditionality and decision making at the level of code, architecture and user interface. The expert on code showed how changing the design and revisiting requirements, they can mitigate errors and build simpler and more robust architectures. This event had the support of Nutanix, experts in software-defined enterprise cloud. 

    At Voxel, we love to share knowledge and we hope to be able to organise more events with such special guests. For all of you who couldn’t attend, here there’s a small summary video: