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    Best Hotels is a hotel chain with 20 years of history that runs 38 hotels in Spain, Andorra and the Dominican Republic. Three years ago Best Hotels began working with Voxel on digitalizing their supply chain and the relationship with their suppliers.

    The Best Hotels team began digitalizing the issuance of purchase orders and the reception of invoices with Voxel in 2021, convinced that this was going to help them in their daily operations. What they did not know is that in time, the digitalization of processes would help them discover a big discrepancy in one of their daily processes.

    In today’s blog we present this case study where the Best Hotels chain was able to recover €30,000 thanks to having the reception of invoices digitalized.

    The starting point

    The management of returnable containers is one of the most complex processes found in hotel and restaurant businesses. Each supplier has their own terms and the governance and control of this procedure is often very tedious.

    For this reason, upon completion of the integration between the Bavel Platform, Best Hotels and a beverage supplier, the hotel chain decided to conduct an analysis of the containers they were purchasing, the containers they were returning and the refunds they were getting.

    During this analysis they discovered that the information in the invoices for the containers they were purchasing and the information about the returns they were receiving did not match. Based on the information, they had a large number of containers to be returned to the supplier. Containers that in reality were not at their warehouses.

    “This analysis was possible because all invoices were digitalized. We were thus able to check each line and pull statistics of the containers we were managing”, explained head of systems at Best Hotels Jordi Moreno.

    barrels in stockControl and governance of the business

    The mismatch found between the containers received and containers that were not returned amounted to €30,000.

    At this point and thanks to this thorough analysis, the Best Hotels team began working to find the origin of the mismatch and devise a solution together with the supplier.

    “With our own control processes we would have never discovered this discrepancy. The automatic reception of digital invoices has made it possible to identify the mismatch and subsequently correct it”, says Moreno.

    Currently, Best Hotels works with more than 40 suppliers through Bavel, Voxel’s electronic invoicing and payments platform. In the last year, Best Hotels placed 35,000 digital orders and received more than 40,000 invoices electronically.

    Digitalization of the procurement process

    For hotels and restaurants, digitalizing their supply chain with digital orders and invoices provides many benefits. From automating and optimizing processes, saving time and money, greater business governance and control and traceability, to environmental benefits, quicker resolution of discrepancies and a better relationship with suppliers.

    If you want to explore how you can improve the procurement processes of your business, please contact us through our website or send us an email to [email protected] and an expert from our team will contact you.