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    At Voxel we periodically organize the “Circle of Personal Development” or meetings where Voxelians discuss issues related with the world of consciousness. This initiative is framed as part of Voxel’s effort to become a place for personnel growth and development (Great Places to Grow).

    At one of these sessions we had the pleasure of meeting with Aliciah Casas, who has lived a revealing experience that placed her on the path to Silent Healing.

    What was the starting point?

    For many years, Aliciah experienced very painful moments and suffered from serious diseases that made her have a very difficult and unstable life. The suffering she felt, in one way or another, became her natural state. She had lost hope and even believed that the only way to rid herself of this suffering was to cease to exist.

    Meanwhile, and even though she continued taking her medication, her illness was not improving. To the contrary, it was getting worse. Until one day she experienced what she would later understand to be an illumination or a “spontaneous awakening”.

    Physically, this manifested as a flash of light in her eyes, accompanies by a deafening noise. From this moment on, her brain stopped thinking and she even asked herself “Have I died?”. That night she decided to stop taking her medication because she felt that her body no longer needed it.

    How did her life change?

    Aliciah related to us that the following months were very intense. The first few months she felt immense love all day and after this, she went through a more negative and complex phase. At first, she only related this experience to her close friends “it was extremely difficult to explain, and I also didn’t think it was really necessary”. Luckily, a Buddhist practitioner friend accompanied her in this transition.

    From this point forward, she began to focus her mind on the present and in a more conscious way, not so full of thoughts related with her own ego or the character of Aliciah. Another element worth mentioning is that she perceived the magnetic field that surrounds everything around her: people, nature, objects, etc. She also experienced telepathy with some people.

    When she saw the medical team that was treating her diseases and monitoring her progress, they could not believe it. They proposed she stop the treatment because she no longer needed it, to which she said that she had already done so. Her case was closed as “cured without explanation”. This began to take shape as what she would refer to as “Silent Healing”.

    What conclusions did she draw?

    Aliciah never stops researching consciousness and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience since her awakening. Along this path of life called Silent Healing, she helps other people open up to the present moment.

    In fact, a coworker asked Aliciah how was it possible that she could spend so much time without having any thoughts. Automatically, she responded: “Do you want me to explain it or do you want to experience it yourself? And then, they both engaged in an exercise to free the mind for several seconds.

    Finally, among all the ideas she shared, a few phrases are worth mentioning:

    • “There is a very fine line between what is real and how we interpret things”.
    • “Thought is more limited than we think”.
    • “Life is not understandable, only livable”.
    • “It is important to take responsibility for our feelings and let them flow”.

    Thank you Aliciah for your generosity and time, and thanks to all Voxelians (from the office or remotely) for your relentless desire to learn and debate. We look forward to the next meeting about conscience!