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    The new session of the baVel Digital Summit will talk about one of the most important aspects for the sector: B2B payments and how to rebuild trust among actors. The session “Exploring payment risk mitigating strategies in the hospitality space” will take place next October 21st at 4.30 pm virtually. 

    The complex distribution chain and the cancellation and credit policies adopted by the hospitality industry have raised the risk non-payment scenarios and, consequently, trust among actors has decreased. Furthermore, the volatility of the market caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has emphasized the need for risk-mitigating strategies. These strategies will allow bookings to be made with protection measures and will contribute to rebuilding trust

    During the talk, experts of the sector will analyse how the use of technology, early payments and robust refund policies can guarantee the continuity of the business and provide a more secure environment for B2B payments. 

    The panel will have the participation of representatives of key-sector players such as Laurie GableHouse, Global Head of Travel Solutions at Ingenico ePayments and Ana Arjones, Manager at Enterprise Partnerships at Travel Industries at Mastercard

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    Also, remember that tomorrow, October 14th, at the same time we will present What data are telling us” next to Kantox, FastPayHotels, Mastercard and Comercia Global Payments

    You can find all the information on upcoming baVel Digital Summit events here

    See you there!