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    Last week, Voxel Group earned ‘The most competitive SME’ award granted by PIMEC, the Catalan patronal. Because of that, Expansión, a Spanish newspaper, interviewed Voxel’s CEO, Àngel Garrido. The newspaper, after reviewing the company’s origins, career and corporate culture, explained the future plans of Voxel. What markets will we open to? What new features are we working on? What is Voxel’s perspective of growth? You can read it here:

    Our future plans include: expanding our services in those areas were Voxel is leading the market (Europe, US and the Caribbean); consolidating our presence in emerging markets such as the Middle East and starting to grow in emerging destinations such as the Asia Pacific region.

    Regarding business line, we will keep working and innovating in our electronic payment solution, baVelPay, and continue our commitment with the OPA (Open Payment Alliance). We expect to close the financial year, 2018, increasing our volume a 25% larger than last year, which reached a 10M turnover.

    This year expectations show that Voxel will reach 12M invoices processed, a 20% more than last 2017. Also, most likely, the company will finish 2018 with 180 employees, after hiring 40 new employees during this year.

    You can follow all our press releases and updates on our website.