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    Digitalisation of supply procedures and change management in the eProcurement industry (HORECA + supply chain) were the main topics of the first edition of baVel eProcurement Summit, held last Wednesday 24th of October in Barcelona and featured by 60 industry leaders. The event, organized by Voxel Group, has focused on digitalisation of the industry and new tendencies of the sector. Danone, VIPS Group and Selenta Group presented their successful cases, as well as Mastercard’s new B2B payment solutions.

    baVel eProcurement Summit 2018

    The event started with Voxel’s President, Xavier Ginesta, presentation and a conference about Conscious Leadership. Afterwards, Financial Officer in Dantrade, Danone’s central buying, Jan Ackermans, started explaining the first success case. Dantrade has worked with digitalisation supply processes – from delivery orders to invoices and payments – for more than 3 years. According to Ackermans, “the key to success has been aligning all players: company, suppliers, employees and partners, as well as choosing a technological partner, Voxel, who has international scope and a customer service team always immediately available for any emergency”.

    We double check every detail”, said Supply Chain, QA & FM Director in VIPS Group, Joaquin Garcia Pertierra, who explained how their supply chain and management system work. A system which is 100% digitalised and allows them to control and offer a real time supply channel to their 445 business network across Spain. “We industrialised all our procedures and today we are able to open 10 more shops every month”, assures Pertierra.

    On the other hand, Corporative Director of Food and Drinks Purchase in Selenta Group, Rosa Coll, put the focus on purchase order management, ‘auto-delivery notes’ and invoices improvements via Voxel’s platform baVel. Innovation on this field provided the company with some advantages such as a 35% of their Administration staff working on valued activities for the company; a reduction of the billing cycle from 45 days to 48 hours; speeding the payment cycle and reducing by an 80% their paper consumption.

    Regarding B2B payments, Product Responsible in Mastercard Spain, Mathew Morrison, introduced “Procurement to Pay”, developed with Voxel Group, designed to simplify the supply chain.

    Going international: baVel eProcurement purpose

    Voxel Group offers leading technological solutions in electronic transactions for the travel industry at a global scale and for the eProcurement industry in Spain. Next year, Voxel’s aim is to internationally expand the eProcurement solutions to the travel industry. “The Summit is a great opportunity to meet again with our clients and partners and transform their supply procedures and to share insights with other companies that have the same challenges” explained Voxel Group’s President, Xavier Ginesta.

    After the first edition of the baVel eProcurement Summit, we only have to wait for the 6th Edition of the baVel Travel Summit, the unique event for the travel industry held in Barcelona next May 22 and 23 2019.

    If you miss out this event, check our video summary. We hope to see you next year!