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    Hesperia could save 50,000 sheets of paper in the next 5 years

    Grupo Hesperia continues to advance in its commitment towards digitization and sustainability; two key factors affecting the competitiveness of the hotel sector. With the aim of achieving greater efficiency in managing the purchasing processes, the company has outsourced services offered by Economitza and Voxel to optimize their purchasing processes and administration.

    The process involved modifying a task which in the past was basically carried out manually, and turning it into an automated and digitized process that saves time and paper and is aligned with the hotel’s sustainability objectives. Currently, Grupo Hesperia has already digitized their transactions with more than 50 suppliers and expects to reach 160 suppliers in 2022, which is more than 50% of their volume of operations in terms of the number of invoices they issue.

    In the first 6 months since the new system was implemented, more than 5,000 invoices have been automatically processed, which significantly simplifies the managing of the processes associated with supplier orders and invoices for its 23 hotels. This way, the group spent 1,200 less hours per year managing processes.

    For the following phase of the project, Hesperia will once again hire Voxel to develop and implement electronic delivery notes and send digital orders to achieve a process that is paper free in all its phases. With this initiative, and after being implemented for just six months, the hotel company has been able to dematerialize over 5,000 invoices. In 5 years, the company could reduce their consumption by at least 50,000 sheets of paper.

    To achieve this milestone, in a first phase, the hotel company hired management company Economitza, through its E-Market, to create their database of products and suppliers. Assisted by Economitza, Hesperia was able to manage and consolidate their materials database, generate electronic orders and integrate all this information in their ERP system. In order to complete the digitization process, they trusted Voxel and their electronic invoicing platform, baVel, to digitize the administrative process. baVel was integrated with Economitza’s E-Market and with all the suppliers to transmit electronic invoices and create an automatic flow. Economitza’s E-market checks the invoice against the order and adds all the information to Hesperia’s ERP. This way, a digitized and optimized process was achieved thanks to a smooth coordination process between Hesperia, Economitza and baVel.

    Javier Carazo, Resources Director of Hesperia, recognized that “the savings that can be achieved resulting from volume sales is important; however, we must also make sure that the processing of each order is optimal. Every cent counts.”

    On the other hand, Àngel Garrido, Voxel CEO, noted that The digitization and optimization of administrative processes in hotel businesses is key for these companies to grow exponentially and expand in a sustainable manner. Our solutions are designed for large chains such as Hesperia, but also for medium and small size businesses.” He continues saying that We are very proud of being one of the trusted partners of Hesperia in their commitment towards digitization and sustainability.”

    “We have launched this project in record time. Coordination between the three teams has been key. We are very satisfied and ready to continue digitizing processes with our partners”, added Carazo.

    If you want to know more about the digitization process from start to finish, read about the success case we have drafted together with Hesperia.