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    As you may know, in Voxel we are Challenge Maniacs and Change Lovers. We love learning new trends, new technologies and new ways of doing things. This is why, once we knew that Sociocracy 3.0 Meetup was looking for a new spot a few months ago, we didn’t want to lose the chance to participate and offer our headquarters to organise it. Since then, 6 Sociocracy meetups have been organised in Voxel. And, we are so proud with the results that we had no doubts in hosting new meetups for our Agile and Tech Community. 

    So, save the dates for the upcoming meetups in our headquarters: 

    We love sharing our headquarters with the Agile Community. We are really looking forward to sharing experiences, methodologies and new technology trends with all of you. And, we hope there are more meetups coming up soon! 

    If you are still hesitating, take a quick look at one of our last meetups in Voxel: