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    Voxel Group is the leading company in eBilling and B2B electronic payments for the travel and Procurement industry. Our activity has evolved, but this evolution has not only been focused on what we are doing. We have moved from a company centred on what we want to do to a company oriented to how and why we do it. 

    We believe our work has to be reflected in a positive way in the environment. This is why our values and our people’s policies defined our final purpose as a company: create happy business network. Our people-centred culture define the way we interact with our global surroundings and, especially the way we interact with all of us, those who belong to Voxel. And, this time we want to share our story with you. 

    The story of our 4 values – Challenge Maniacs, Change Lovers, People Freaks y FUNtastic Team Players – through our everyday life. A story starred by Voxel and created and recorded from the beginning till the end by our team in our headquarters, with our own resources.

    This video wants to show our passion for challenges, changes and our commitment to people and teamwork. This is just a small piece of our nature, of how we do things and why we do them. 

    In Voxel, we are certain that our way to do things is key to our business’ success, and we want to keep it this way.