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    Voxel Group appeared in the Spanish newspaper El Economista today. The economic newspaper, through an article written by the journalist Josep Ramón Torné, has reviewed Voxel’s history, its corporate culture and innovation.

    You can find the interview in the online magazine of El Economista inside the ‘Business success’ section. But, you can also read it here:

    Voxel Group en El Economista

    Voxel Group a El Economista

    Voxel’s DNA: corporate values and innovation

    “From a pioneering digital wine cellar to leading global invoicing and digital payments”. This is how El Economista sums up Voxel’s career. The truth is that Voxel Group, for over 20 years, has never stopped evolving , changing and searching for new boundaries in relation to invoicing and B2B payments.

    The article also points out the importance of how things are done in the company not what is done. In fact, it could be possible that in 20 years Voxel won’t be doing things as they are doing now or the group will be adding different solutions in their portfolio. On this matter, innovation is a key pillar to Voxel’s DNA as its President and founder, Xavier Ginesta, and CEO, Àngel Garrido, explain. Internal and external innovation are a reality in Voxel and, actually, DevoluIVA and Taxecure, two companies of the group, were created based on this philosophy and methodologies.

    The corporate values and commitment to their employees are Voxel’s distinguishing guidelines. As El Economista explains, Voxel is committed and works for their employees happiness. Labor conciliation, teleworking, flexible schedule and personal and professional training are some of their priorities in the human resources policies. And all of this has a result: low employee rotation.

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