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    The German technological service provider 42GbmH has developed ‘Easy Invoice’, a software capable of connecting two existing systems to facilitate the electronic invoicing. ‘Easy Invoice’ was possible thanks to the cooperation between 42GbmH and baVel. This electronic invoicing solution was a request from Novum Hospitality.

    The 42GbmH software translates Novum PMS database – called Protel – to a legible format for baVel. On the other hand, baVel’s eInvoicing solution receives all the information and issues the electronic invoice. baVel offers all usual customisations , but it stands out the automatic issuing of complaints.

    Easy Invoice is already working in NOVUM Hospitality where it ensures the electronic invoicing of the group in a B2C environment, for hotels customers, and in a B2B environment, for tour operators and booking platforms.

    “Our aim is to offer smart solutions to get the maximum benefit to our clients. With Easy Invoice, we offer to the hospitality industry a tool to significantly speed up internal procedures, reduce costs and more transparency”, says Chief Information Officer in Novum Hospitality, Martin Stegner. He also praises the easy functionality and the mitigation of errors that they are already registering in their hotel chain.

    Digitalisation of Invoicing procedures

    In Germany, and in the travel industry in general, technological solutions to the front and back office are seen as an opportunity to digitalise and automate procedures, increase efficiency and speed up administrative processes.

    If you would like to know more of this alliance and the Easy Invoice launch in Novum, you can read this article (in German). If you want to start digitalising your invoicing processes like thousands of companies in the travel industry, check baVel eBilling.