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    Voxel Group has developed technological solutions for the travel industry and HORECA for 20 years. The relentless development, growth and innovation made the company realized that the way they were working and the organisation structure were wrong. They started to be less efficient, and they couldn’t keep their quality standards. Exploring what they could do to change, they found Agile methodologies.

    Agile methodologies are based on the creation of fast, flexible and adaptable teams. This model allows projects to ‘split’ into small parts that are easy and more efficient to execute.

    How it is applied in Voxel?

    In Voxel, these methodologies and all its changes has been gradually applied by teams and experts. Currently, we can define ourselves as a company that uses Agile methodologies, specifically Scrum and Kanban. Specifically, we can experience these methodologies in the development team. But, we can also see them in the business team, operations and customer service team. The main purpose is to be aligned.

    During 2018, Voxel started their quarter planning sessions, weekly sprints and retrospectives. We are also implementing crosswise teams that have a complete view on projects, and we have remodelled the offices to adapt the space to the new work methods. Following, you can check a summary of the 4Q 2018 planning:

    Even if these new methodologies have been applied recently, the Group is really satisfied with their first results. The benefits of the Agile model are obvious: better interdepartmental communication, team organisation and task prioritization, efficiency and focus. In short, a success!

    If you would like to work with Agile methodologies and are passionate about tech, check all open vacancies in Voxel! We want to meet you.