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    Digitalisation of invoicing processes is rising. Companies tend to automate these procedures and issue electronic invoices, as much in the public sector as in the private one. In fact, Europe is starting to implement the enforceability of issuing electronic invoices in the public sector and consequently in the private one. Italy is the most advanced country on this matter, followed by Spain and Greece.

    An electronic invoice is the same as a paper one but in digital format. Therefore, it has the same legal validity as a traditional invoice, but with more benefits.

    Benefits of an electronic invoice

    The most common uses of an electronic invoice are:

    • Reducing the cost of processing invoices. Electronic invoicing reduces up to an 80% of the processing costs.
    • Less manual work with no added value.
    • Mitigate manual processing errors and consequently reduction of chargebacks.
    • Better documentary control.
    • Paper free. Tendency to reduce paper as invoices are kept in digital format.

    In highly transactional sectors, as in the travel industry, the usage of electronic invoices makes more sense. Nowadays, there are big hotel chains, tour operators, travel agencies… that process millions of invoices per month. baVel is the leading platform specialised in electronic transactions for the travel industry at a global scale. As it was designed for this specific sector, the benefits are adapted to the travel world:

    • Automatisation: issue and receive invoices directly from your PMS, mitigating manual processing errors.
    • Traceability: issuer and receiver will know at all times the state of an invoice.
    • Digital archive: storage of all your documents for 10 years so that you can easily search for any invoice in case of a dispute.
    • Automatic reconciliation: set up error messages and reconciliation notices.
    • Universal compatibility: connection with your PMS or ERP and customisation of our platform to meet your requirements.
    • Eliminate dependence on archaic systems such as the telephone or fax.
    • Electronic payments: close the billing cycle with payments automation.

    If you would like to know how to start eBilling in your company and start saving money and time in your administrative procedures, you can get in touch at [email protected].