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    Voxel Group, leading company in electronic transactions for the travel industry, has won The SME of the year 2018 award in Barcelona granted by Banco Santander and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. This award recognises the performance of the company as an employment and wealth creator and its contribution to economic development in the territory. The recognition, which arrives just after two months of the ‘most competitive SME in Catalunya’ award granted by the Catalan association PIMEC, places the enterprise as a finalist to receive the SME of the year 2018 in Spain. This prize will be granted in the first quarter of 2019.

    Voxel Group offers leading technological solutions to digitalise invoicing processes, ePayments and eSettlement. Through its platform baVel, the company is specialised in the travel industry, where it is a global leader, and the HORECA channel. It also offers new opportunities for corporates in VAT reclaim through the spin-offs DevoluIVA and Taxecure.

    The company has grown significantly regarding turnover and number of employees during the last years. In 2017, the group turned over €10M, a 10.5% more than the previous year. Voxel expects an increment of 12% in turnover and from those 40% will represent international business. Nowadays, the company has 176 employees, an 18% more than December 2017, after hiring 42 new employees during 2018. In order to keep innovating in payments digitalisation and automation, Voxel reinvests 80% of its profit in the company.

    The enterprise philosophy is based on Conscious Capitalism. In 2018, Voxel has made a transformation in its structure based on the Agility and Sociocracy principles, introducing new methodologies and creating new crosswise teams that are more flexible, agile and productive and have a complete vision of the projects they are working on.

    Company’s awards

    President of Voxel Group, Xavier Ginesta, and CEO, Àngel Garrido, were responsible for receiving the prize from Regional Director of Banco Santander in Catalunya, María José Macía, at the event held in Banco Santander headquarters in Barcelona yesterday. In Xavier Ginesta words, “we are really excited to receive this recognition, specially after our 20th anniversary and when the company is making a huge organisational change”. He added, “receiving two awards in just two months make us really proud to have grown internationally as a company without losing sight of our core values and contributing to generate local business network”.

    Next year’s goals for the company are expanding across Europe and The United States and opening new markets; establishing as a referent in B2B payments in the travel industry as it is in invoicing processes and becoming international with the leading solutions in VAT reclaim.