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    baVel Pay in the main media of the sector

    A few days ago our customers, partners and the industry, in general, heard the news: “Voxel acquires Troovo”.

    Since its foundation more than 23 years ago, Voxel’s main objective has been to contribute to the efficiency of all its customers through the digitisation of back-office processes. This acquisition is nothing more than a further commitment to automation, optimisation and efficiency, focused in this case on B2B payments.

    The B2B payment revolution has arrived

    And we are not the only ones to say so. More than 30 media outlets around the world have picked up on the news, aware of the positive impact this deal will have on the industry.

    Read below excerpts from the most prominent articles we’ve seen recently in the trade press.

    Hotels, airlines, agencies, aggregators, credit card issuers, and financial technology companies are shaking up how they handle back-office payments. They’ve been rolling out new software and automated workflows to replace manual steps, cut costs for currency conversions, clamp down on fraud and defaults, and provide consumers with easier ways to buy trips. The latest sign of the upheaval is Voxel Group, a tech vendor for travel payments based in Barcelona, acquiring Troovo, a payments tech vendor in Sydney.


    BaVelPay incorporates connectivity with group decision support systems (GDS) and a decision engine, developed and patented by Troovo. The platform is described as a “fully digital end-to-end payment process without any manual intervention or friction”.


    Users of baVel Pay now will be able to choose to pay suppliers with virtual cards generated via Troovo's technology among other options, including manually generated v-cards and bank transfers.


    "The acquisition of Troovo, its technology and its patent are the spearhead of a strategic plan that not only makes baVel Pay's Payment Manager the most powerful B2B payment platform in the travel industry, but also one of the most complete in the market in general.”


    The company will keep Troovo’s offices in Sydney and Melbourne, while allowing it to expand into the Asia Pacific region. Voxel will continue working with Troovo customers, including Flight Centre, Webbeds and QBT.


    Here are all the articles published in our press section of the website.

    The future of payments is here

    The launch of the new baVel Pay platform confirms that B2B payments in the industry are about to change. Digitalisation and automation are here to stay. Until now, all digitalisation efforts have been focused on the distribution channel. Now, the time has come to put the focus on back-office processes.

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