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    Voxel’s growth since it was founded in 1998 has been unbelievable. Just look back at our story…

    Catanet was the seedling for Voxel. It was a wine and cava e-Commerce platform that came before the market was ready, but that evolved into an electronic invoicing platform.

    Over more than 20 years, the software tools developed by Voxel—baVel and DevoluIVA—have grown, adding new customers and suppliers to a network that today serves over 70,000 companies. Companies connected to exchange electronic documents, such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, payments… Thus streamlining back office processes, eliminating errors, generating cost savings, and ultimately improving the competitiveness of all our clients.

    Hand in hand with the growth of the business, there also came a cultural and organizational change that has undoubtedly marked Voxel since about 2017. In the midst of expansion, we realized that beyond our product and technology, there were certain characteristics that made us special as a team, and that differentiated us both in our day-to-day in-house activities, as well as in our relationship with customers and suppliers. And we got down to work!

    The definition of our four corporate values—#PeopleFreaks, #ChallengeManiacs, #ChangeLovers and #FUNtasticTeamPlayers—also somehow defined the way we do things at Voxel. Not only in relation to employees, but also in relation to suppliers, clients, partners and any stakeholder sharing the Voxel universe.

    Voxel is not the same company now as it was 20 years ago. We have become a company committed to people. We mean to overcome one challenge after another and face change positively. We are a company that values group over individual and we know that together we will go further.

    And after more than 20 years, we felt that the Voxel image was not projecting this identity.

    Why now?

    Without a doubt, 2020 will mark a watershed in the history of the world, our industry and our company. At Voxel we have decided to exchange risk for opportunity, uncertainty for action, and to transform fear into energy. We believe that this is a key moment to evolve and achieve all of our goals. We know that the time has come to improve, rebuild, redesign and rethink our businesses and industries for a better future. And we will do it through technology. And further still, we will do it with a brand image that projects all these values and our identity.

    A new image for a new era. Are you with us?