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    Pax2Pay joins Bavel Pay payment service providers (PsP)

    Voxel, the company specialising in e-invoicing and B2B payments in the travel industry, and Pax2Pay, a company specialising in payments for the same sector, have reached an agreement to boost B2B payments among companies in the sector.

    Thanks to this partnership, all companies that are connected to Bavel Pay’s Payment Manager will be able to use Pax2Pay’s services. Thus, Pax2Pay becomes part of Voxel’s ecosystem of payment providers.

    Pax2Pay’s services are able to offer both VCCs and bank transfers using the same funding accounts, through the same platform and in 11 different currencies. In addition, the bank accounts used by Pax2Pay are registered in the name of the user (the travel company), so that at all times, until the date of payment, the funds remain on the company’s balance sheet.

    Bavel Pay is a platform specifically designed for the travel industry that creates a channel decoupled from the booking channel to manage B2B payments. Bavel Pay is able to automatically articulate a sophisticated end-to-end B2B payment flow without errors or friction, leveraging an ecosystem of payment providers, such as Pax2Pay. Bavel Pay’s Payment Manager is the first payment manager on the market to implement the Open Payment Alliance standards defined by HEDNA and HTNG.

    Pax2Pay and Bavel Pay: benefits

    Travel companies using Pax2Pay services through Bavel Pay can benefit from:

    • Multiple payment methods through a single partner.
    • Each travel company has its own funding account.
    • Automatic invoice retrieval, thanks to the services of the Bavel platform.

    Find more information about this alliance at the following link:

    You can also write directly to [email protected] and an expert from our team will contact you.