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    The Diversity Charter means to make inclusion and diversity visible in all parts of the business world.

    At Voxel, corporate values guide how we do things. Concepts such as happiness, respect, empathy, honesty, solidarity, fun… These are all part of our DNA. Our organization model is based on respect and true equal opportunities for everyone regardless of differences that might lead to any kind of segregation.

    We are thus taking another step today in our commitment to diversity and inclusion by joining the Diversity Charter.

    What is the Diversity Charter?

    The Diversity Charter is a European covenant of principles signed by businesses to show their commitment to diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Once you are part of the Charter, you agree to spread its message within and outside the company, involving workers, suppliers, clients… and to assume its principles:

    • Raising awareness.
    • Progressing in the building of a diverse workforce.
    • Promoting inclusion.
      Considering diversity throughout personnel management policies.
    • Promote conciliation.
    • Recognize the diversity of customers.
    • Extending and communicating the commitment to employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.
    • Reflecting activities supporting non-discrimination in the company’s annual report.

    The Diversity Charter is a European initiative that has already gathered the commitment of over 12,000 companies.

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

    In addition, by applying the principles of the Diversity Charter, we are also contributing to the fulfilment of four UN Sustainable Development Goals:

    • #5 Gender Equality.
    • #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth.
    • #10 Reduced Inequalities.
    • #16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

    In a nutshell, we have joined the Diversity Charter to reaffirm our commitment to progress towards a more just, inclusive, diverse society. And we will channel this commitment through internal and external actions framed within the Organa Project we will be telling you about in our blog and through our social channels. Stay tuned!