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    Digitization of administrative processes at Casa Rodríguez

    Casa Rodríguez is a trading company importing and distributing mass-market products for small, medium and large businesses in the Dominican Republic. The company has a history of over 40 years in the country.

    While in full expansion, three of their top clients ask Casa Rodríguez to digitize their communications with them. In other words, they want them to digitize order receipt and invoice issuance.

    Faced with this request, Casa Rodríguez decides to analyse its processes. It is then that the company realizes there are several aspects with room for improvement regarding its administrative processes:

    • Manual processing of purchase orders brings about errors…
    • … with ensuing operational delays.
    • Matching codes with customers is an expensive, lengthy, manual process.
    • Credit notes to rectify invoice mismatches become more frequent.

    After the analysis, Casa Rodríguez decides to seek a technological partner to digitize and automate some of its administrative processes, specifically order receipt and invoice issuance.

    The company elects baVel and the companies get to work on the project in 2017.

    Four years later, Voxel asked those responsible for the project at Casa Rodríguez about it. The results were so positive that we decided to put together a success story.

    What will you find in this success story?

    •  Before and after: from analogue to digital processes.
    • The baVel tool implementation process.
    • The benefits garnered in the administrative department.
    • The benefits garnered in the operations department.
    • Feedback from employees.
    • Feedback from customers.
    • Other digitization projects underway.
    • And much more!

    Read the entire success story here: