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Local and
international markets

The starting point

Casa Rodríguez is a company engaged in the distribution and commercialization of mass consumer products. In 2017, the company detects inefficiencies in its administration process. The manual introduction of all purchase orders in the ERP usually causes errors and, consequently, operational delays.

The resolution of discrepancies with some of their clients is also a source of inefficiencies and the use of credit notes is increasing to rectify invoicing mismatches. Code alignment with its largest clients also comes across as a costly, lengthy, and manual process for the back office team.

Besides, three of its most important clients require all their suppliers to use electronic orders and invoices to operate with them.

In face of this situation, Casa Rodríguez looks for a technological partner to digitize these administration and finance processes.

The manual introduction of all purchase orders in the ERP causes operational delays.

After Bavel’s
implementation, las órdenes de
compras the
purchase order directly
into the
company’s ERP.

The solution

Casa Rodríguez decides to digitize the reception of orders and the issuance of invoices and credit notes through Bavel. The implementation process is simple: Casa Rodríguez and Bavel collaborate to connect the company’s ERP with the electronic invoicing platform.

After the technological implementation, the reception of purchase orders is automatic and is directly integrated into the company’s ERP. The issuance of invoices is also automatic and it is done at the same time as the delivery of goods to detect differences in real-time.

Currently, Casa Rodríguez connects with its three main clients through Bavel and a connection with another one will be established shortly.

The outcome

Two years later, Casa Rodríguez is able to receive more than 4,500 purchase orders automatically. Thanks to the Bavel technology and the elimination of errors and discrepancies in the administrative department, many of its employers have been able to redirect their daily work to tasks with greater value and new distribution channels. At the operational level, the dispatch of goods is also more agile. In addition, the relationship with customers has been formalized and improved thanks to the use of technology.

Bavel has become one of Casa Rodríguez’s technological partners. The company is considering digitizing other processes, such as payments and the e-commerce portal with Bavel. “One of the objectives of the company is to automate all the processes that we can to eliminate errors,” explains Luis Carmona, IT Manager at Casa Rodríguez.

The relationship with customers has been formalized and improved thanks to the use of technology.
Connection with its three main clients

dispatch are
more agile

New digitizing
projects underway

Productivity increase
in the administrative
+270k facturas recibidas anualmente
+4,500 purchase
orders received

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