Case studies

Discover the Digitalization and Automation projects of Leading Companies


Electronic invoice at Valamar Riviera: before and after

With 37 hotels and resorts and 15 camping resorts, Valamar Riviera is the leading travel company in Croatia. After more than 60 years in operation, in 2019 the corporate team identified a series of inefficiencies in their invoicing process. After digitising the entire process with Voxel, discover the benefits and advantages obtained by reading this case study.

Digitization of payments and invoice recovery at Sidetours

Sidetours has the need to automate payment to suppliers: the payment methods generate a lot of manual work and also involve the dunning of the invoices themselves. So, it decides to work with Bavel Pay, Voxel’s electronic payment solution, and start issuing virtual credit cards (VCCs) automatically. Find out all the details in this success story.

Automating billback in Easy Market

When Easy Market needed to recover the invoices for the services it hired from hotels, it decided to turn to a trusted technology partner and implement the Billback Request solution. Discover the digitization process and the results obtained in this new success story.

Issuance of 100% of DABA’s B2B invoices

Integrating with different customers to be able to exchange electronic documents is very difficult for DABA. That’s why DABA decided to look for a technology partner that would allow it to connect with all its customers without having to develop a connection with each one of them. This is the success story of DABA and baVel.