Case studies

Discover the Digitalization and Automation projects of Leading Companies


Issuance of 100% of DABA’s B2B invoices

Integrating with different customers to be able to exchange electronic documents is very difficult for DABA. That’s why DABA decided to look for a technology partner that would allow it to connect with all its customers without having to develop a connection with each one of them. This is the success story of DABA and baVel.

Digitization of Casa Rodríguez administrative processes

Casa Rodríguez decides to digitize the reception of orders and the submission of invoices and credit notes through baVel following the request of one of its most important clients. At the end of the automation process, the company realizes that its processes are more agile, have fewer errors and the relationship with its customers has improved.

Electronic invoicing Submission in Pestana Hotel Group

Pestana identifies inefficiencies in the back-office processes of its hotels and decides to digitize them. After the implementation of the project, the hotel chain has managed to double the invoices processed without the need to expand resources for their management. Read Pestana’s success case to understand the digitization process and its benefits.