The starting point

After more than 25 years digitising management processes in the restaurant and hotel sectors, Sighore-ICS observes that one of the most inefficient processes in these businesses is communication with suppliers.

Orders are placed manually through multiple channels: email, telephone, whatsapp… When the goods arrive, workers have to review the delivery note, check that everything is correct and then manually enter this delivery note in their ERP. The process is more complex if there is an incident and the delivery note does not match the delivered goods. Dispute resolution is also a major source of inefficiencies. Finally, inefficient order and delivery note management also affects the invoicing process, with a small discrepancy on a delivery note holding up a monthly invoice.
Moreover, all this management is done on paper documents.

Poor delivery note management has a direct impact on the control of raw materials in restaurants and hotels. And this can have an impact of up to 4% on the cost of the final product, which in this type of business can mean making or not making a profit.

After verifying that this casuistry is repeated in many of its clients, SighoreICS decided to look for a technological partner to find a solution to this problem.

Poor delivery note management has a direct impact on the control of raw materials.

Sighore-ICS and
Bavel  integrate their
to improve the
back-office processes
of restaurants and
hospitality businesses.

The solution

Sighore-ICS has found the ideal partner in Bavel. Bavel is the leading electronic invoicing and payment platform in the HORECA channel in Spain. Bavel’s technology is capable of digitising the supply process from start to finish, from the order, through the delivery note, the invoice and the payment.
Thus, Sighore-ICS and Bavel integrate their systems to  improve the backoffice processes of restaurants and hospitality businesses.

Thanks to this integration, establishments can send their orders electronically to suppliers via Bavel . When they receive the goods, an auto-delivery note is generated with the goods received as the basis for the invoice. In this way, discrepancies between what is sent and what is received are eliminated. The invoice sent by the supplier is electronically integrated and reconciled in Sighore-ICS through Bavel to achieve a 100% digitised invoicing system.

This eliminates the dependence on paper and companies do not have to allocate resources to document review and discrepancy resolution.

The outcome

Currently, Enrique Tomás and Cambrils Park Resort – Camping Resort Sangulí Salou are already operating with Bavel and Sighore-ICS.

Among all the benefits observed after the implementation of Bavel and Sighore-ICS, the clients highlight the increase in the efficiency of their administrative teams, which are more motivated and more resolute, as manual tasks that do not add value to the business are drastically reduced. As a result, time is also saved and the relationship with suppliers is improved.

Thanks to the automation of processes, companies have exhaustive control of their stocks.

In addition, Sighore-ICS and Bavel have found that by eliminating inefficiencies generated by manual management in front and back office processes, companies can save up to 8% of their purchasing volume.

In short, companies that implement this combined technology solution work with a 100% digitised front and back office system.

100% digitised
front and back office
Relationship with
suppliers improved .
Exhaustive control
of stocks.
Savings of up to 8%
of the purchasing volume.
Efficiency increased.
Time savings.
More motivated and
resolute workers.

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