The starting point

Casa Chepe is a sugar distributor whose main activity is in rural areas, but that also works with the country’s major wholesalers and supermarkets. When one of the supermarkets raised digitizing their order and invoice documents with them, Casa Chepe had to analyses their process.

The family business runs the entire procurement process manually with paper documents. Each week, one of their workers takes care of collecting all the purchase orders. Invoices are delivered at the same time as goods. If there is any discrepancy between the goods delivered and what was ordered, Casa Chepe has to wait for the claim to be made and subsequently issue a credit note. The process can take more than 10 days, with payments delayed by up to 60 days.

To face this situation, Casa Chepe found Bavel’s technological tool adapted to their needs.

The entire procurement process is run manually with paper documents.
Without needing any technological integration, the company can receive electronic orders and issue electronic invoices and credit notes.

The solution

The distributor cites the need to digitize the procurement process with just one major customer. Bavel’s webbilling plan is the solution that best suits Casa Chepe’s needs, because the company can receive electronic orders and issue electronic invoices and credit notes without needing any technological integration.

In this way, Casa Chepe accesses the online portal to download the orders their customer sends electronically, and the distributor uploads their invoices so they are entered directly into their customer’s ERP

The outcome

In 2019, Casa Chepe received over 3,800 electronic purchase orders. Digitizing the process has allowed the company to gain in planning and organization, in both administration and production. “Thanks to the Bavel platform, we know what day the purchase orders will arrive and we don’t have to keep repeatedly calling the customer,” explains Yudelka de León, Casa Chepe’s administration manager.

The admin team also saves time by not having to travel to chase up specific claims, streamlining work and spending their time on higher-value tasks. Thanks to digitization, discrepancies are cleared in no more than 5 days, and as a result the average collection cycle has been halved.

The Bavel webbilling portal is really easy to use and has greatly eased the processes with one of our most important customers”, concludes Ms de León.

3800+ orders
Resolution of
in 5 days max.
Collection cycle
Better relationship
with the customer
Time saved and
increased efficiency
of the teams

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