7 countries


+25 years
of experience

The starting point

DABA is the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in Spain, Andorra and some African markets.

Many of its customers require invoices to be received electronically and DABA is committed to integrating individually with each of them, until 2017, when DABA’s technical team, aware of the difficulty of managing multiple individual integrations, decided to look for an external technology partner capable of connecting with all its customers through a single integration. “The key to the decision was to find a partner that would give us a complete solution: forget about managing customer integrations,” recalls Bart Van Schoor, Data Process & Integrations Coordinator en DABA.

We needed to forget about the management of customer integration.
BART VAN SCHOOR, Data Process & Integrations Coordinator at DABA.

Bavel  connects
with all DABA’s,
adapting to its system, format and procedures of each one of them.

The solution

DABA decided to digitise the issuing of all its invoices with Bavel  Billing. In this way, the distributor only has to work on the integration of its own ERP with Bavel, while Bavel connects with all DABA’s customers, adapting to the system, format and operations of each one of them.

In the first phase of the project, efforts are focused on those customers who require electronic invoicing. To onboard the rest until 100% issuance is achieved, DABA opts for a staggered strategy in which new customers are gradually integrated. DABA currently connects with more than 200 B2B customers through Bavel.

The outcome

Two years later, DABA issues more than 20,000 invoices a year without the need for manual intervention. In the last year, the company has doubled the number of electronic invoices sent without the need to expand its AR department, which has 7 professionals.

Among all the benefits of Bavel, DABA highlights the tool’s speed and agility: the customer receives the invoice in less than 24 hours. This has contributed to the reduction of late payments and the average collection time. In fact, the distributor stresses that they now receive payments within the deadline established with each customer. In addition, the use of electronic invoicing contributes to achieving one of the company’s main strategic objectives: to eliminate paper from all its processes.

“I know we still have a lot of room for improvement,” reflects Van Schoor. Another of the processes they would like to automate is the issuing of orders and receipt of invoices.

Connection with
+200 clients
via Bavel

Automated issuing of +20k invoices per year
Reduction of defaulting and average
collection period
Capacity of the
AR Department x2
Reduction of paper usage in the administrative processes

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