Case studies

Discover the Digitalization and Automation projects of Leading Companies


Electronic invoicing Submission in Europcar Spain

The leading rent-a-car enterprise in Europe changes its billing process in 2009 due to the clients’ demands and the invoicing processing cost. The electronic invoicing submission via baVel helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the company’s cash flow. Discover the keys to Europcar’s digitization process in this success case.

Digitization of invoice reception in Kuoni Tumlare by JTB

Kuoni Tumlare by JTB has to manually deal with receiving thousands of invoices from suppliers around the world: the volume of invoices is very high and the process is very inefficient. To automate it, Kuoni relies on baVel to carry out the project and digitize the receipt of invoices. Have a look at the results of the project in this case study.

B2B Electronic invoicing at RIU Hotels & Resorts

When RIU centralizes the administrative management of all its hotels, it realizes the inefficiencies that this process presents: from manual tasks to delayed payments. In 2008, the hotel chain implements baVel to automate the entire administrative process. The results of the digitization of invoice issuance show high levels of efficiencies.