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Urban Hotels

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The starting point

Soho Boutique Hotels is a hotel chain founded in 2014 that opts for urban hotels, with premium locations as a key strength. Since its foundation, each hotel manages its own invoices and the front-desk department is responsible for sending them to the clients and correcting them if discrepancies or errors arise. Between 15 to 20 people take part in the invoicing process from the administrative, credit and front-desk department of each hotel.

During the national and international expansion, the corporate team at Soho realises that they need to redefine the invoicing process to address the new invoicing volume. The control of documents is limited and the period since the client receives the invoice can reach 20 days, delaying payments in most cases.

At this point, Soho develops a strategy based on its growth rhythm to scale and optimize processes in order to keep offering a quality service to the clients. To implement the strategy, which centralises the invoicing process, the hotel chain decides to get the support of a technology partner.

Between 15 to 20 people take part in the invoicing process

Soho decides to digitalise the emission of B2B invoices via Bavel eBilling

The solution

Soho Boutique Hotels decides to digitalise the emission of B2B invoices via Bavel Billing. Initially, the electronic invoicing platform connects with Ofi, Soho’s PMS. Bavel also develops a connection with all the hotel chain’s B2B clients that are not already working with baVel.

After Bavel’s implementation, the invoicing process is 100% automated,  eliminating the responsibility to the front-office workers. Manual intervention is no longer needed in most of the cases. baVel is capable of identifying invoice errors and, consequently, Soho Boutique Hotel’s team can respond in real-time and solve discrepancies without delays.

The outcome

At present, and after an accelerated growth, Soho Boutique Hotels have more than 46 hotels located in Spain, The United States and Mexico. More than 70% of its hotels use the Bavel platform complying with the current legislation of each country. Soho issues more than 10,000 invoices automatically per year to 90% of its B2B clients.

On this matter, Soho’s team has identified a drastic reduction of invoice errors and, consequently, has eliminated the manual work of this process. With the automated invoicing system, only 5 people are involved in the control process, 75% less than before. Furthermore, Soho is able to deliver the invoice in less than 24 hours and error-free to any B2B client. This process lasted 20 days before, so now they have accelerated the average collection period.

Between 15 to 20 people take part in the invoicing process

33 hotels
into Bavel’s network

with 90%
of B2B clients
+10k issued
of the average
collection period
5 people
managing invoices.
Reduction of 75%.
Invoice delivery in
less than 24 hours
and error-free.
in Spain, Mexico and
the United States

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