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Starting Point

Dino is a distributor of cleaning, hygiene and industrial maintenance products from 26 sole-proprietors operating in different areas of Spain. Even though most clients demand unified invoices, each local franchise operates with its own Tax number. To that end, Dino manually checks invoice references between each franchise and the distributor itself. It adds up to a total of 4,000 references. In total, it is estimated that for every million and a half euros of turnoverthey need to hire one more employee in the Administration department to manage orders, delivery notes and invoices. Furthermore, most of its clients demand to work with electronic transactions even though its infrastructure is not prepared for it. 

As a result of this situation, Dino identifies some inefficiencies such as not having enough technology resources to efficiently transfer the ERP orders and issue invoices; the manual processing of the franchise-distributor references and possible errors; and the difficulty to get reports on the weight of each client for future negotiations.

Bavel seemed the most interesting option as the
majority of our clients in the Hospitality sector were alreadyworking
with it

Direction Assistant at Dino

Dino has real-time tracking of each client consumption and weigh.

The solution

As a group, Dino decides to digitize and automate communication between client, distributor and franchise, digitizing orders, delivery notes and invoices via Bavel, “we thought it was the most interesting option as the great majority of our clients in the Hospitality sector were already working with Bavel, explains Patricio Ortega, Direction Assistant at Dino. At the same time, they also changed the ERP, from Linux to Navision.

The three-sided workflow of Dino is the project’s challenge, as it is usually a bidirectional workflow. Bavel develops an adapted solution to connect the clients with Dino, and also Dino to all their local franchises, automating the communication between the franchise and the distributor as well.

Thanks to Bavel’s implementation, the functioning is frictionless: the client issues the order, which travels through Dino’s central system, and it is sent to the corresponding franchise. Once the goods are delivered, the delivery note is automatically integrated into the Dino’s ERP and each local business issues the invoice to the distributor in the required format for each client. In this way, Dino has real-time tracking of each client consumption and weigh.

The outcome

As of today, almost half of local franchises are connected to Dino via Bavel. The purchase centre manages 22% of the invoicing through the electronic transactions platform. This means that the Administration team at Dino has doubled its management capacity: now Dino has one employee in the Administration Department per each 3 million euros in turnover volume. Lastly, Ortega assures that client loyalty is higher thanks to Bavel: “I’ve noticed that the loyalty of a client integrated with Voxel is 50% higher than another client”. Dino has designed a 24-month implementation plan for its local franchises to connect with the purchase centre via Bavel.

Automation of
processes for
22% of the invoicing
Capacity of the
Administration team
in client

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