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The starting point

In 2016, UDON decides to re-engineer the processes to implement control of stock and centralize the management for all owned restaurants and franchises. UDON has its own stock’s discount control system, but it lacks traceability when registering the merchandise.

Employees have to revise and register the merchandise manually based on the paper delivery note. This process implies time and could originate manual errors. As a consequence, discrepancies during the stock management are usual causing setbacks in the daily work of the restaurants.

Discrepancies in stock management are usual.

When we start to work with a new provider, they have to be part of Bavel’s network or connect with it.

IT Manager en UDON

The solution

Even though UDON developed an integration with one of its suppliers to connect digitally, the restaurant chain decides to find a specialised partner to connect with the remaining suppliers. “There are many suppliers that do not have IT departments and we couldn’t develop an integration for each one”, explains Joanmi Bardera, IT Manager at UDON.

Via Bavel Procurement, Voxel’s supply chain digitalisation solution, UDON digitizes the submission of purchase orders and the reception of delivery notes and invoices. For the final user – the businesses – Voxel’s technology is transparent, managing the stock through a web portal with SAP technology.

Regarding the integration with suppliers, the process is fast as the majority already work with the Bavel platform. For the remaining, Voxel develops the integration to add them to the network and connect them with UDON.

When we start to work with a new supplier, they have to be part of Bavel’s network or connect with it”, explains Bardera.

The outcome

After Bavel Procurement’s implementation, UDON has opened 12 new restaurants without having to increase the administrative team. At present, UDON connects electronically with 90% of its suppliers via the Bavel Platform and the restaurant chain is capable of managing 9,000 purchase orders, 4,500 delivery notes and 10,000 invoices automatically.

Stock discrepancies have reduced drastically and the users’ feedback is more positive: “restaurants are happy with the new operating system as it is easy and the stock registry is done automatically. Furthermore, the franchised has its own access to the Bavel platform to manage invoices”, explains Bardera.

The digitalization of the procurement process at UDON and the elimination of paper in its procedures belongs to the People, Product, Planet initiative, which aims to reduce the restaurant chain’s impact in the world.

UDON connects
electronically with 90% of its suppliers via the Bavel platform.

90% of providers
integrated into
Bavel’s network

Reduction of
when managing
the stock.
12 new restaurants
without increasing
the administrative
to final users
management of
+9k purchase orders
and +10k invoices.
People, Product,
of papers in all

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