9 hotels

+2900 hotel rooms

F&B providers

The starting point

In 2011, during its national expansion, Selenta’s hotel group realises that its procurement process presents inefficiencies and is done manually. All invoices must be signed in-person at the group’s headquarters in Barcelona. Hotels have to send invoices by post to the main headquarters rising the number of manual and repetitive tasks which can cause errors in the Finance department.

This procedure impacts directly in the relationship with the providers. Invoices take more than 45 days to be managed and, on many occasions, providers need to print and send the documents again. Therefore, payments are considerably delayed.

Facing this situation and with an average volume of transactions with providers of 17,000 purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices per year, Selenta decides to digitize the supply process.

All invoices must be signed in-person at the group’s headquarters

The combination of Bavel,
SAP and MOBBA make the supply process 100%

The solution

Selenta trusts Bavel Billing to automate the issuance of purchase orders, self-delivery notes and invoice reception. Both companies’ teams work together to integrate Bavel with SAP. In order to get a 100% digitized process, Bavel also connects with the MOBBA scales, installed in each hotel.

The combination of these three technological partners – Bavel, SAP and MOBBA – make the supply process 100% digitized, avoiding discrepancies when refunding goods, which are processed in real-time thanks to the integration of Bavel and MOBBA.

Thereby, the P2P process is 100% automated, from the issuance of the purchase order to the reception and goods, the issuance of the selfdelivery note and the reception of the invoice and payment issuance.

Bavel’s implementation is a win-win for all. The provider obtains better visibility and cashes quicker, and from Selenta’s side, we have a robust and agile P2P loop which reduces management time and errors”, explains Xavier Felguera, Corporate Procurement Director at Selenta.

The outcome

At present, Selenta connects with 90% of its F&B providers via Bavel. “Our objective is to start including providers from other categories as well in Bavel”, explain Felguera.

Thanks to the automation, the processing time and the invoicing and payments management have drastically been reduced. What previously  took 45 days, is now completed in less than 48 hours. Consequently, the contractual relationship with all the providers has improved.

During the last 9 years, Selenta’s transactions via Bavel have raised 433% without having to increase the management team. Furthermore, 35% of the Finance team has refocused its work to more value-added tasks. The hotel group has also saved 80% of paper, consequently saving in administrative costs and physical storage space savings.

H10 92% de proveedores digitalizados
90% of providers
Invoice and payments
processing and
management: <48h
Elimination of physical
storage space
+26k automatic purchase
orders issued
+30k received invoice
80% savings
in paper

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