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Starting point

In 2013, Pestana Hotel Group is expanding nationally as well as internationally. Each hotel manages invoice submission independently and some inefficiencies and disputes start to arise. Invoices take a long time to get to the recipients. Besides, Pestana identifies errors in the invoices and clients disputes, which sometimes take more than 3 weeks after its submission to resolve. These casuistries delay client payments, often doubling the agreed period with each one of them.

Facing this situation, Pestana Hotel Group decides to find a technology partner to digitize its invoicing process.

Invoice mistakes are managed 3 weeks after its submission.
baVel meets our requirements and adapts to our business reality.

Accounts Receivable Manager
at Pestana Hotel Group

The solution

Pestana Hotel Group digitizes the issuance of B2B invoices using baVel eBilling. To launch the service, baVel integrates with the hotel chain’s PMS, Opera. During the first stage of the implementation, the electronic invoicing system automatically connects with existing clients in baVel’s network. The remaining clients are integrated gradually using an onboarding plan. Also, the hotels implementing baVel are been trained.

baVel meets our requirements and adapts to our business reality”, explains Marta Carolino, Accounts Receivable Manager at Pestana Hotels Group.

At present, Pestana connects with its main B2B clients via baVel.

The outcome

After baVel’s implementation in 66 hotels of the Pestana Hotel Group, the hotel chain has doubled the processed invoices using the platform without having to increase management resources. In 2019, Pestana issued more than 80,400 invoices with no manual intervention using the electronic invoicing platform.

The major benefit of Pestana Hotel Group is the reduction of the average collection period. Thanks to baVel, invoices are no longer delayed and, consequently, payments are cashed at the agreed period with the client, improving the relationship with them. With one of the most important B2B clients, Pestana has reduced the average collection period from 60 days to 45 thanks to the automation of the invoicing submission process.

The hotels’ teams do not have to worry anymore about the invoices sent via baVel”, explains Carolino. Saving time and reducing manual tasks are two other important benefits that Pestana highlights after baVel’s implementation.

66 integrated
with baVel
Reduction of
average collection
+15 days
+80k issued

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