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    Casa Chepe is a sugar distribution company in the Dominican Republic. The company focuses its activities on rural areas, although it also has clients who are wholesalers and large supermarkets in the country.

    All processes related to the company’s back-office are carried out manually and from paper documents. This means that orders are collected personally at each customer’s premises. Invoices are issued at the time of delivery of goods. And if there are any discrepancies, they must be resolved later. This process lengthens the average collection cycle.

    Although the company has no plans to change its system, one of its main customers asked it to digitise its order and invoice processes. For this, Casa Chepe found in baVel a partner that meets all its needs.

    Once the project has been implemented, we spoke to Yudelka de León, administrative manager at Casa Chepe, to find out more about the digitalisation process and the benefits obtained.

    What will you learn from this case study?

    • The specific digitalisation needs of a family business in the Dominican Republic.
    • baVel’s products specifically designed for small businesses.
    • The easy operation of baVel’s webBilling.
    • Casa Chepe administrative manager opinion about the whole process.
    • The improvement in the relationship between customer and distributor.
    • The benefits obtained once the whole process has been digitalized.
    • Efficiencies obtained thanks to the implementation of the project.
    • And much more!

    Read the full case study here:

    Case Study

    Voxel develops solutions for the digitisation of the value chain: from supplier management, stock control, electronic procurement (orders and delivery notes), electronic invoicing and approval flows and expense management, to electronic payments and collections, the dematerialisation of paper and connection with public administrations.

    With more than 8 years of experience in the Dominican Republic, Voxel Caribe is the reference network in the country in the exchange of data between customers and suppliers, with more than 14 million transactions carried out in the country between more than 300 leading companies.