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    Hostelpro magazine, specialised in the hotel and catering industry, has published a report on management software. The implementation of these systems is becoming more and more common in companies in the Horeca channel. And the magazine, together with several experts in the field, wanted to find out why.

    In this sense, throughout the pandemic, it has been observed how companies have faced major changes in the management of their business. And technology has played and will play an essential role in the future of the sector. As the magazine article states, “the Spanish hotel sector is increasingly aware that the only way to compete is to implement centralised software solutions”.

    Héctor Martín, VP of Global Sales at Voxel, is one of the experts who participated in the report. Among other things, Martin talks about the different needs of small companies and large groups. He also talks about the digitalisation of the management of the entire business, not only in the front office. “This includes: electronic invoicing, electronic orders, electronic payments, document management tools, digital and certified signature of contracts…”.

    Another issue addressed in the report is the need to adopt technological tools in the wake of the pandemic. And the benefits, both qualitative and quantitative, of opting for these digitisation tools.

    Finally, it also addresses the technological challenges that companies will have to overcome in order to implement these tools. And the different types of software currently available on the market.

    You can read the full report here:


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