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    The restaurant group has already received more than 1,000 invoices from its main suppliers without the need for manual intervention through the electronic invoicing platform.

    Nomo Group, the restaurant group specialising in Japanese gastronomy, has placed its trust in baVel, Voxel’s leading electronic invoicing and payment platform in the travel sector and the HORECA channel, to digitise and automate the receipt of invoices from all its suppliers.

    Nomo Group is clearly committed to its digital transformation, which is why it decided to take advantage of the slower months to optimise and make its more manual back-office processes more efficient, with the aim of emerging stronger from the current situation.

    To achieve this, the baVel platform has integrated with the Nomo Group’s ERP – ICG – and also with all its suppliers. Thanks to this, Nomo is able to receive all invoices from its suppliers through a single channel and can integrate, reconcile and account them directly in its ERP.

    The digitisation of this process has meant a drastic reduction of manual work in the back-office of the Japanese restaurants and also a saving of time and administrative work. In addition, discrepancy resolution processes have been streamlined and greater control of all transactions has been achieved, thanks to the complete traceability offered by baVel of the entire process. The Nomo Group has also been able to eliminate 100% of the use of paper and invoice storage space. For suppliers, there are also benefits as the automation of invoice receipt has a direct impact on the average collection time, which decreases.

    The project in figures

    Currently, the Nomo Group already receives invoices for more than 60% of its purchasing volume through the baVel platform. Since the start of operations, the restaurant group has received more than 1,000 invoices without the need for manual intervention. baVel has digitalised the receipt of invoices from the group’s seven establishments, the central offices, the bakery and the take-away food division.

    In the words of Ramón Jiménez, Partner at Nomo Group, “at Nomo we are committed to the digitalisation of all administrative processes, especially those involving mechanical functions. In this way, we can dedicate more and more of our team to value-added tasks and business analytics”.

    “Companies that, like Nomo Group, have opted for the digitisation of processes during the pandemic months are now much better prepared than their competitors to continue growing and scaling their business”, says Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel.

    Following the success of this first digitisation project, Nomo Group is now considering extending its partnership with baVel by digitising other parts of the procurement process. This is possible thanks to the modularity of the baVel solution, which allows it to adapt to the needs of each business at all times by gradually digitising the different processes of the supply chain.