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    Any company who wants to digitize their procedures needs to manage effectively their electronic notifications and communications, especially communications with the Public Administration.

    With the Royal Decree 1363/2010, which came into force on November 2011, of notifications and administrative compulsory communications management via electronic means in the AEAT environment (Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria), the Tax Administration changed the way they interact with companies and citizens.

    This way, citizens have access to an electronic authorized direction (DEH, in Spanish) for the whole General State Administration where they are able to send communications to the public Administration.

    This new electronic communication process replaces the old postal communication, creating a communication model, which is more sustainable, effective, economic and secure. However, companies need to have electronic resources to maintain an effective communication with the Public Administration due to this legislative change.

    baVel Procurement works to enhance and streamline electronic communications with our clients in the Procurement sector and supply chain. With baVel Procurement, our clients can digitize and automate all their billing process via our platform to manage electronic transactions, making easier to exchange transactions with their providers.

    Furthermore, baVel Procurement has signed an agreement with Zerocoma, leading experts in developing digital transformation solutions and legal compliance. From this point on, our clients can take advantage of the electronic notification services of Zerocoma, Edas Notifications, which allows to automatically reviewing electronic inboxes of any public entity (AEAT, Town Halls, TGSS, etc.), without the need of a manual process.

    With this agreement, our clients and providers will have a powerful documentary management tool to download, archive and manage communications.

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