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    Last Friday, May 29, Gina Lovatón, Vicepresident at Voxel Caribe, participated in the interviews series Tech Talks, an initiative of the magazine Revista Mercado about digital transformation, technology innovation and expectations after the coronavirus crisis. 

    During the interview, Gina Lovatón talked about baVel’s role, the electronic invoicing platform of Voxel Group, in digital transformation and the trajectory of the company in the country. 

    Opportunities in the new context 

    When asked about how digital transformation is going to evolve in the country, Lovatón pointed out the importance of digitalization to make companies more efficient. “Most companies will start because of the crisis, but it has been an urgent and important matter to transform and digitize the processes of the companies”, assured Lovatón. 

    The current crisis is accelerating the innovation and optimization of processes for many companies. “The digitalization solves inefficiencies and eliminates non-valuable tasks”, she added. 

    The DGII and the electronic invoicing 

    The project of electronic invoicing of the DGII is one of the greatest examples in digital transformation progress in the country. From January 2020, companies and private individuals can voluntarily adhere to the new electronic invoicing system of the public authority. 

    On this matter, Lovatón pointed out the importance of electronic invoicing as part of the digitalization process. According to Lovatón, most companies are renovating their processes to face the current situation more efficiently and reducing administrative costs. 

    baVel in The Dominican Republic 

    baVel’s platform facilitates the exchange of transactional information between clients and providers, helping them digitize their supply chain and all their invoicing processes. “Our main objective is to digitize 100% the invoicing process of our clients. We provide value to the procurement, invoicing and payment cycle by optimizing the processes and fostering innovation”, explained Lovatón. 

    During the interview, they also talked about baVelPay, which allows companies to send online payments to their providers. A tool that has become really important during this crisis as it eliminates the need to manage and physically cash checks

    To date, baVel has become the reference network in the country to exchange data between clients and providers. The company provide its services to more than 300 Dominican companies and has processed more than 3 million transactions. 

    Well-known companies such as Grupo Ramos, Distribuidora Corripio, Nestle or RIU, among others, are using baVel’s platform to exchange transactional information (orders, invoices, credit notes, etc.). 

    The crisis as an opportunity

    The technology sector will be key to reactive the economy of the country. Most companies are focusing on their internal processes, technology innovation and the digitalization to have a better response capacity in front of the crisis. 

    In Lovatón’s words: “This crisis gave us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves”. 


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