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    The second edition of the eProcurement Tech Summit brings together more than one hundred professionals in Barcelona to discuss the digital transformation challenges of the supply chain.

    On 20 October, the eProcurement Tech Summit brought together more than 120 professionals from the hotel and restaurant sector as well as from supplier companies. In total, 20 leaders from the industry participated in 12 conferences and talks. The sessions were about four main topics. These were:

    Those attending the Summit had the opportunity to experience a unique event in the sector, participating in presentations, talk shows, networking activities and after work cocktails. Also, the event took place at an emblematic location like Palo Alto. It is an old wool production facility that has been transformed into a place where many artistic events are currently held.

    8 sponsors participated in the eProcurement Tech Summit 2022, who made the event possible. The group of companies are Mastercard, Gstock, The Etailers, Cool’n Joy, Suitech, Sinqro, L’OR Professional and Gramona.

    The mandatory electronic invoice is imminent

    One of the speakers at the event was Iker Beraza, Advisor of the General Directorate on Economic Policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain. He explained that the electronic invoice will be mandatory for companies and independent contractors with an annual turnover exceeding 8 million euro beginning in the spring of 2024. Companies and independent contractors with a lower annual turnover will be required to implement electronic invoicing in the two years following the date the regulation is approved. In other words, in 2025.

    “With this law the intent is to establish a decentralized system that will allow maximizing the coverage of platforms and incorporate the electronic invoice in all sectors”, said Beraza.

    Voxel’s Legal Department was a speaker at the event, which concluded with a very participative round of questions

    The delivery and hotel sectors generate synergies

    One of the subjects that generated more discussions was delivery with a presentation from Just Eat Spain, and two talk shows with professionals . In this regard, one of the most relevant subjects that were discussed was the emerging collaboration between delivery and hotel companies.

    Manuel Del Soto, Business Development Manager of Just Eat Spain, began by opening the topic. “The great challenge is being able to cover services with a 360-degree customer view, being mindful of the user’s experience and generating new synergies with new markets such as hotels” he said.

    Among other things, the model known as “Dark Kitchen” was discussed. This one, allows hotels to take advantage of their off-peak hours to cook dishes with a sale service linked to delivery, such as a gastronomic e-commerce.

    “Our goal is for guests to feel at home and behave as such. This means: they arrive to the room, begin watching a TV show and order food”, said Javier Villanueva, CEO of Silken Hotels.

    In general, the comments made by personnel attending the eProcurement Tech Summit were very positive. Some items worth highlighting are not only the quality of the audience and the presentations, but also the format, atmosphere and organization.

    This is the summary of what happened during this edition: