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    Digitization has become a key aspect for retail companies in The Dominican Republic. The current security and social distancing measures are promoting that companies explore new technologies to change the daily processes that required physical contact, such as cashing checks and invoices. 

    However, not all companies have the same needs of digital transformation. Especially, small and medium-sized companies that do not have many resources. 

    On this matter, and after the success of the last session of the baVel Digital Summit, baVel’s team in Voxel Caribe wanted to prove to small and medium-sized providers that the digital transformation is accessible. Companies will only need a computer and Internet connection to start the digitization transformation. Companies that started this process and are currently using the baVel’s platform explained their experience during a Workshop held last May 12. 

    Digitization, from the purchase order to the electronic invoice

    The transactions platform baVel allows digitizing the supply chain from purchase orders to invoices, supply reception, claims and credit notes. 

    “baVel allows us to receive purchase orders, and digitize and process them into our ERP; saving time and reducing errors to almost 0”, assured Julio Adames, IT Director at Álvarez & Sánchez. A&S was one of the first companies to start the digital transformation with baVel, “the fact of having baVel’s tool made our lives easier”. 

    On this matter, they highlighted the adaptability and agility as some of the multiple benefits of having the transactional information on one point. “We eliminate the duplicate work and focus on added-value tasks”, pointed out the CEO at Ditex, Joan Juliá Calac. 

    baVelPay, the elimination of checks 

    On the other hand, companies also agreed on the importance of having a solution that allows them to pay while keeping social distancing and maintaining the company’s cashflow. 

    On this line of work, baVelPay offers electronic payment services and let companies simplify their verification and issuance process and eliminate checks. This allows companies to rapidly adapt during the crisis and follow the security measures of the Dominican Government. “baVelPay eliminates the need to cash checks physically, which allowed us to work remotely and keep the social distancing measures”, highlighted Julio García, Controller at United Brands. 

    Furthermore, baVelPay also contributes to cut costs in the administrative department and reduce the average collection period thanks to the automatic reconciliation of invoices. In Paola Hernández’s words, Operations Director at Le Buffet, “With electronic payments we could cut our costs and eliminate processes while saving time”. 

    The e-Commerce 

    Lastly, e-Commerce is a solution for companies with less technological capacity. In this case, the supplier can digitize the product’s catalogue to make clients order electronically. 

    A simple solution to adapt daily processes into the digital world. It also adds some competitive advantages, such as reducing manual errors and increasing visibility and traceability of products. 

    The digital transformation of the retail sector 

    Once again, we could analyse first-hand how the retail industry is facing the current exceptional situation. Applying technology to the processes of the retail sector will be key to keep moving forward. A transformation that is becoming more accessible to all company sizes. 

    If you would like to find out more about baVel and how it can help your company in the digital transformation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.