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    Find out how Kuoni Tumlare has digitized the reception of invoices 

    In 2016, Kuoni Tumlare identifies inefficiencies in their invoicing process coming from the manual management and reconciliation and a lack of standardization. The variety of providers (hotels, restaurants, travel guides…) from around the globe makes it difficult to optimize processes. 

    Facing this situation, Kuoni Tumlare decides to optimize its invoicing process and digitize the reception of invoices via baVel eBilling, the electronic invoicing solution from Voxel Group. Its main objective is to connect digitally with the providers with a contractual relationship and receive electronic invoices automatically. 

    Thanks to baVel’s automation, Kuoni has doubled the volume of invoices without having to increase the management team. Furthermore, the reduction of errors and discrepancies has allowed Kuoni to improve the average payment time, contributing to a better relationship with providers. Additionally, the optimization of the invoicing process has allowed increasing the scalability of the business. 

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