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    UDON, the Asian restoration group leader in Spain and Portugal has partnered with baVel, the electronic transactions platform of Voxel leader in the HORECA channel in Spain, to digitalise and automate the back-office processes, in particular, the purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices.

    At the moment, and after the baVel integration with UDON management systems, 90% of purchase orders and invoices from private establishments and franchises of the restoration group are processed through baVel. In absolute numbers, it represents tens of thousands transactions in 2019.

    This initiative, as part of the People, Product, Planet campaign driven by UDON, not only has represented mitigation of paper in their back-office processes and its ecological impact but also has streamlined these processes, which are the origin of multiple errors and inefficiencies. This implies the automation of manual processes – the reconciliation of invoices and delivery notes – mitigation of errors, productivity rise, centralized digital archive, traceability and dematerialises your processes.

    Advantages for UDON

    In this line of work, baVel also contributes to a better relationship with providers, as having a digitalised and automated supply chain helps to accelerate the payments cycle and hence the treasury of the provider. Currently, the baVel network connects with the main restoration chains and hotel groups of Spain with more than 1,000 service providers.

    This partnership is an example of UDON’s commitment to sustainability, which wants to reduce the company’s impact on the environment. These values are also shared with baVel, which aims to generate a positive impact on the business ecosystem and society through Conscious Capitalism.

    Pedro Mellinas, Marketing Area Director at UDON, said: “being responsible with the environment is a behaviour that we have in our gens. We take care of all the details to make our food and the management of our restaurants as sustainable as possible and one of our main purposes is to go paper-free in all our processes. Thanks to baVel, it is now a reality”.

    To Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel Group: “Digitalise and automate the supply process marks a milestone in restaurant chains like UDON. It provides efficiency, better productivity in the administrative department and they can grow and expand quickly and efficiently”.

    baVel at HIP

    baVel has presented its technological solutions at the HIP, the professional fair dedicated to the innovation of the hotel sector in Madrid. Currently, baVel solutions digitalise the supply chain from the catalogue to the purchase order, delivery note, invoice and payments. It also offers automatic reconciliation, invoicing approval flow solutions, B2B and B2C e-commerce portals and technology solutions for VAT recovery.