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    Some months ago, when we met Verne Harnish, co-creator of the ScalingUp method, we decided to grab this opportunity to share this methodology and knowledge. A methodology that Voxel Group has been working on for some years. To do this, we have organised a Workshop for next April 15 at the H10 Marina Hotel in Barcelona, next to Partnos by Voxel. 

    Verne Harnish is an entrepreneur, consultant and NorthAmerican author and one of the fathers of the Scaling Up method, a work methodology on company growth that focuses in 4 key points: people, strategy, execution and cash. Founder and CEO of the world-renowned coaching company, Scaling Up, with more than 180 partners in six continents, Verne has helped growing exponential organisations for more than 3 decades. 

    This time, the guru of fast-growth companies and corporate expansion will join us for a workshop where we will have the opportunity to discover the Four Decisions™ that a leader must address to maximize company growth. 

    Furthermore, during the conference, we will also explore how Business Agility and Sociocracy can help companies make better decisions and better product development, as well as how they can become more resilient and resistant to changes. 

    We will count with the participation of Lluís Gras, Certified ScaleUp Business Educator; Lucía Barroso, Digital Product Specialist; Xavier Albaladejo, Executive Transformation Coach at Partnos by Voxel; Adrián Perreau, Sociocracy expert & CEO at Partnos by Voxel; Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel Group y Xavier Ginesta, Managing Director en Conscious Capitalism Foundation and Presidente at Voxel Group. 

    At Voxel, as #ChallengeManiacs, we love to share knowledge and new methodologies to our environment. Don’t miss this unique event that will take place for the first time in Barcelona. See you there! 

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