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    Voxel, the corporate group of baVel, DevoluIVA and Partnos leader in electronic transactions for the touristic sector and the HORECA channel, is the third best place to work in Spain and the first one in Catalonia, according to the consulting firm Great Place to Work (GPTW). It is the second year in a row that the company participates in this world-renowned ranking and gets one of the highest positions. In the 2020 edition, Voxel has the third position, only behind Sas and Mundo Pharma, improving the fourth position of 2019.

    The Best Workplaces recognized each year the best places to work in Spain, as well as the trust level employees demonstrate for their companies and best organizational culture practices of each company regarding the information of an anonymous survey to the employees. Furthermore, they analyse the human resources policies.

    In particular, 9 out of 10 employees at Voxel think that their company is an excellent place to work and state to be proud of working at Voxel. The company works to become a space of personal and professional development where employees could be happy and with them, the clients and providers, providing a happy business network.

    With this purpose, the company encourage innovative human resources policies and actions, including limitless teleworking, remote work and flexible time, which makes it easier to conciliate; tools to calculate the level of happiness at the workplace; life coaching benefits, sport or massages; continuous training of all the teams; fun and personal growth activities… Furthermore, and thanks to an internal transformation process based on the Scaling Up method and agile methodologies, Voxel has a flat and highly sociocratic organisation, organized with decision circles and multifunctional teams that count with a high level of autonomy and are able to develop a project from the start to the end.

    The audit revealed that the eNPS at Voxel, which are at a 67, it is a positive reference taking into account that companies such as Facebook, Aphabet or Amazon has a punctuation of 54, 42 and 1, respectively. The employee Net Promoter Score is a standard indicator that measures the probability of an employee to recommend their organisation and provides information about satisfaction and engagement.

    This year, the Best Workplaces 2020 awards have been broadcasted on streaming. At Voxel, more than 50 employees have found out the company’s position following the live awards.

    Àngel Garrido, CEO at Voxel, has stated “Our main objective as a company has been to create a magnificent place to work for a long time; now, with the recognition of Great Place to Work, we can confirm that our work has succeed”.