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    Voxel Group, leading company in electronic transactions for the travel industry and the supply chain, has been awarded the best travel company to work in by the consulting firm Great Place to Work (GPTW). Voxel has the fourth place in the Best Workplaces 2019 ranking in Spain, next to companies like Cisco, Sas or Ecoembes. The ranking was announced in Madrid yesterday night.

    Every year, The Best Workplaces recognizes the best places to work in Spain regarding high-trust and high-performing workplace cultures among the ranked companies. This is the first time that Voxel Group has aimed to have a place on the renowned list.After 20 years developing software solutions for the travel industry, Voxel Group has more than 190 employees mostly located in Barcelona and Santo Domingo. The enterprise offers global solutions in eInvoicing and B2B Payments and it is committed to a culture focused on increasing the happiness at the workplace. During the recent years, the company has carried out a big organisational transformation and what it started with a simple cultural value has become one of the main purposes of the company: creating a happy business network. In words of President and Founder Xavier Ginesta, “Voxel Group has a really successful business model thanks to its corporate culture and its commitment as a company: happiness at the workplace”.

    Best Workplace ingredients in Voxel

    This transformation is based on a Conscious Capitalist philosophy and on the company’s core values. These values were chosen by the employees and they drive the way the company understands business and interacts with all stakeholders: PeopleFreaks, ChallengeManiacs, ChangeLovers and FUNtasticTeamPlayers.

    Also, Voxel has been adding new ingredients, such as Business Agility, Sociocracy, Innovation and Technology leadership. Last year, the enterprise made a big organisational transformation to Agile methodologies

    Its innovative human resources policies are a great ingredient too. These consist on establishing no boundaries in teleworking, multiple benefits like on site massages or life coaching sessions, the daily usage of happiness rating tools, numerous trainings across all teams and a flat and sociocratic structure. This flat organisation is based on decision cycles and cross-cutting teams which are capable of developing and realising new projects. Ultimately, Voxel employees have the tools and trust to increase their involvement in the decision-making process and they can successfully combine their professional and personal life. To make all this happen, the company reinvests the 80% of its benefits to increase the happiness of its employees.

    Besides, in order to guarantee that the corporate strategy of Voxel is not only loable but also highly profitable, the company takes part in a study drived by EADA – a business school in Barcelona – to gather empirical results.

    The CEO of the company, Àngel Garrido, was responsible for receiving the prize which recognises Voxel as the fourth best company to work in Spain in the 50 to 500 employees category at the GPTW awards held yesterday night in Madrid. Garrido pointed that “the GPTW certification is really important for us as it confirms what we have internally known for a long time. We are a great place to work in and it motivates us to keep working on how we are doing things as a key to our successful business model”.