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    Voxel, the leading corporate group in Invoicing and electronic payments at an international level, bets on Agile methodologies and consultancy and founds Partnos by Voxel, a company that specialises in organisational transformation based on Agile methodologies. Partnos by Voxel is now part of an international company group, next to DevoluIVA, Taxecure and the platform baVel.

    Partnos by Voxel, led by Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, is an Agile consultancy that wants to help companies and institutions to be more efficient and, consequently, happier. To do so, they encourage organisational transformations in participatory environments that are constantly changing, creating trusting relationships to collaborate with transparency, commitment and autonomy in favour of a permanently active transversal improvement. The final purpose of Partnos by Voxel is to cultivate healthy organisations.

    Perreau has been a consultant since 2012. Doctor in Artificial Intelligence and Certified Scrum Trainer by the Scrum Alliance, he is qualified with the Management Development Program in IESE. Nowadays, he is a professor at the Ramon Llull University and will be a professor at ESADE in 2020. He is a regular speaker and facilitator at international conferences. He has coach and train start-ups and companies of the Fortune 500 list, in sectors such as telecommunication, advertisement, automobile industry, tourism, aerospace industry, chemistry and banking. Its speciality is innovative companies that are experiencing strong growth.

    The new company is set up after the organisation transformation of Voxel Group during the last two years, let by Adrian Perreau. The group decided to transform following three objectives: reduce the time to market to release products, be able to scale the business tenfold in the following 5 years and define a solid and organisational model for the company. With this change, Voxel has Agile, multidisciplinary and collaborative teams that have improved the time to market by 10%, even though they invest 20% of the time to the transformation process.

    New company’s objectives

    With Partnos by Voxel in its portfolio, Voxel wants to help other companies go through the transformation process, in line with its final purpose of creating a happy, honest, high-performing and healthy business network.

    One of the first objectives of the new company are to model the organisational transformation of Voxel, and in order to do it, they have hired Xavier Albaladejo, an Agile-Lean transformation expert, and Director of the Master in Agile Methods of La Salle. He has experience in companies such as Mango, Axa, Vodafone R&D, Zurich and eDreams.

    In Àngel Garrido’s words, CEO at Voxel Group: “with Partnos by Voxel we want to build a specialised team to help other companies that want to make a complete change in their organisation to streamline their processes and efficiencies, such as Voxel two years ago. Encouraging happy, healthy and high-performance organisations are one of our main objectives as a corporate group”.

    Partnos by Voxel also offers training courses to companies and individuals that want to obtain the Scrum Alliance official certification in Advanced Scrum Master (A-CSM), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Agile Leadership (CAL); and other courses such as Agile Scaling, Kanban & Lean Thinking, Sociocracia 3.0 or Design Thinking.

    Official release

    The Agile Community will be introduced to Partnos by Voxel during the Conference Agile Spain (CAS) 2019, held next 22nd and 23rd of November in Barcelona. With more than 1.000 attendees, the CAS is the reference event about Agility.