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    Voxel has been nominated next to HappyForce for the Comprendedor Awards in the SME category. The prizes granted by the Fundación Empresa y Sociedad recognise the best client-supplier collaborations between companies and B2B scaleups

    On this 6th edition, there are 5 awards’ categories: marketing and sales, human resources, operations and processes, industry 4.0 and SMEs. In this last category, the foundation rewards the most innovative solutions for companies created by B2B scaleups. Voxel and HappyForce are nominated next to Fridec Solutions and October, Iristrace and Oh my Cut!

    The purpose of these awards has two sides. On one hand, they want to offer greater visibility to open innovation programs of companies that come from scaleups and on the other hand, contribute to raising the clients for these scaleups. 

    Voxel and HappyForce

    On September 2018, Voxel started using HappyForce as an internal communication tool to collect honest feedback in real-time and to measure the company’s happiness level (known as Happiness Index). 

    Via the app, employees can express anonymously those topics that motivate or concern them, share new ideas or show their gratitude to a colleague. This way, the company know the real mood of its employees and can work on new initiatives and solutions for those topics that most concerned them. 

    Since HappyForce was implemented at Voxel, 92% of employees have installed the app and from those, 85% have participated at least once. This last percentage is 25 points over the average of companies that are using the app.  

    Awards ceremony

     The awards ceremony for the Comprendedor 2019 Awards will be held on November 19th, at the Auditorium of the Bankia Tower, in Madrid. During the ceremony, they will announce the winners for each one of the categories. 

    Voxel wants to thank HappyForce for going next to Voxel to the awards. Furthermore, we would like to thank their work that help us keep a continuous, open, honest and immediate feedback, which contributes to our final purpose as a company: create a happy business network.