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    Last week, with the last three new hires, we have reached 200 employees at Voxel. We are so happy with it and we would like to share this moment with all of you! 

    We still remember when Voxel was based in a small porter’s lodge and we were only 6 of us. Nowadays, the company has employees from 29 different nationalities, mainly based in Barcelona and Santo Domingo. 

    For more than 20 years, Voxel has offered transactional solutions and has become one of the leading e-invoicing and B2B electronic payment platforms for the travel industry. However, we think that the key to our success is not what we do, but how we do it. 

    We strongly believe in our people and their talent. And this is why our corporative culture defines our ultimate purpose as a company: creating a happy business network.

    In the same vein, our corporate values, which were chosen by our employees, define not only the way we work and relate with our employees but also the way we interact with our clients, partners and providers: People Freaks, Challenge Maniacs, Change Lovers and Funtastic Team Players.

    Also, our innovate human resources policies play an important role in our culture. We have a flat organisation based on decision cycles and cross-cutting teams which are capable of developing and realising new projects. Furthermore, we have implemented teleworking, with no restrictions, and we have multiple perks, such as massages, life coaching sessions, yoga, etc. In short, we look for our employees to successfully combine their professional and personal life.

    At Voxel, we are certain that our way to do things is key to our business’ success, and we want to keep it this way. Congratulations and… let’s keep growing!